Khulna Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University

Personal Portfolio

Mehedi Hasan Shanto

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

B.Sc Engineering (2018-2023) : Computer Science & Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna ( CGPA – 3.70/4.00 )
  • Software Engineering
  • Natural Language Processing  (NLP)   
  • Data Mining
  • Software Clones 
  • Networking
  • Deep Learning               
  • Participated and Presented the Extended Abstract of our paper titled “Comparing the Change- Proneness of Fragment level and Function level Micro-clones” at IEEE CS BDC Summer Symposium 2022 at BSMRAAU. 
Computer Fundamentals : Basic Number Theory, Programming concept, Ms office, Referencing software (LaTex). 
Computer Programming : Structured Programming, Logical Analysis.
Software Development : Structured Programming Advanced, Dynamic Programming concept, Data Structure Concept.

Discrete Mathematics :  Set Theory, Relational Aljebra, Boolean Aljebra, Propositional Logic.

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