Khulna Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University

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Md. Manik Hossain

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

M.Sc. Pure Mathematics(2020-2021): Department of Mathematics, Rajshahi University,Rajshahi(CGPA- 3.75/4.00)

B.Sc. Pure Mathematics(2017-2020): Department of Mathematics, Rajshahi University,Rajshahi(CGPA-3.77/4.00)

H.S.C 2016 Khamargram College, Enayetpur, Sirajgonj (GPA-5/5)
S.S.C 2014 Betil High School, Enayetpur(GPA-5/5)

    • Topological Data Analysis, 
    • Homological Algebra, 
    • Bay of Bengal Domain Analysis with Finite Difference method


Calculus and Co-ordinate Geometry, 
Ordinary and Partial Differential equation, 
Transform Domain and Vector Analysis
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